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Master fic list

Well, I now have seven stories and I need to make it easier to find them. This is a link to a chapter list for each story. Six Months is a one shot.

Doctor Who/Torchwood

Fragments of a Shattered Life chapter list here: ohinyan.livejournal.com/17659.html

Six Months: ohinyan.livejournal.com/5310.html
Lacrimis Morientium: http://ohinyan.livejournal.com/31812.html

Hidden Behind Our Appearances chapter list here: ohinyan.livejournal.com/17801.html
Too Long A Sacrifice chapter list here: ohinyan.livejournal.com/19952.html

A New Dawn chapter list here: http://ohinyan.livejournal.com/37368.html


No Greater Love: http://ohinyan.livejournal.com/26950.html
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Vintage Fanzines for Sale to UK buyers

I've decided to sell off my fanzine collection as it is taking up too much space.  I collected fanzines from the early 1980s through the late 1990s.  I have many Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9,  Doctor Who,  Robin of Sherwood and  Blake's Seven zines.  Plus a few in other fandoms e.g. Man from Uncle, Miami Vice, X-files.

I have created a website at


and listed many zines there.  More are going on each month or two.  There are gen, het and slash zines.

Please visit my website if you are interested.  I'm afraid that I can only sell to UK buyers as postage abroad is prohibitively expensive.

zzUsd fanzines from the 1980s and 1990s. I aBm selling my own private collection. This contains many titles from Star Trek, Blake's Seven, Robin of Sherwood, Doctor Who and others.

Fanzines are located in the UK